The ‘why’ of faith

A born into an imperfect world and left to our own path we veer into a unsustainable way of living and inverted practises. Jesus renews our Spirit-man into a place of purity and perfection. 

While not 'cool' to acknowledge in some cultures, it is very clear that we have both good and evil in this world and in humanity

Kid's are sent to Christian schools so they'll learn good morals. While behaviour  and morals are important, the message of Jesus is clear. Jesus did not die to create a movement of well-behaved humans.


For those exploring or new to faith, Alpha is a great tool to get started

The Personal Practises Of Faith

Daily Habits for a Limitless Life

2) Deep & Real Happiness

Sparking Joy Now

Activation & Releasing Kingdom

Faith in a home near you (or your home!)


Large gatherings where we worship & celebrate together

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